Our Year in 2015

Booking.com cares

At Booking we are passionate about our destinations and want to take care of them.

With 10,000 employees
and 10,000 days to make a difference...

In 2015 we cared in the areas we know best

We took care of the environment around us, we protected cultural heritage and we helped to create a tourism industry that is sustainable for the future

We started Caring with a BAM

Our team of Cares Connectors
became truly global

Growing the number of Cares projects to


With the help of 4446 volunteers

We came together from every corner of the globe to give support to those in need in

We collected this

from this

And turned this

into this

We gave tourists in Luang Prabang lessons about cultural ceremonies

And gave the homeless a voice in Copenhagen

180 hotel partners planted trees
with us in Siem Reap

We made fishing cool again

And put our LT to work

Did we mention the cute animals we cared for?

In Brazil we shed new light on the Favelas

And in Amsterdam we became
creatures of the (Museum) Night

We became carpenters


And experts at sorting screws!

To help start a social hotel benefitting refugees in Vienna

We even became rakes for a day too!

We cared at the beach...

In kayaks


And the sea

We had some special results from our #CaresChallenge

See the winners

The most creative project supported an 800 year old Hawaiian fishpond

Another made an incredibly positive impact on coral reefs in the Dominican Republic

And our most scalable project helped explore undiscovered landmarks in Rome

For the first time this year we recognized our partners’ sustainability efforts

And shared our Cares vision on Booking.com


Took our first steps to creating a sustainable


And began planning for more
sustainable offices

Throughout all our projects we welcomed new friends and had fun doing it

Innovative ideas, crazy and big, came from everywhere

And thousands of people cared together to make them real

But we won't stop there

Our customers and partners will play a central role in our Cares efforts in 2016

We want to provide a marketplace where we encourage and empower our partners and customers to make a difference

Let's continue to care and show the world the power of our Booking community...

Booking.com cares

Thank you for a great year!

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